DIY Measuring chart.

February 22, 2015
DIY Measuring Chart

Kids DIY measuring chart

Last weekend Big Sister asked me to make a DIY measuring chart.

At our previous house we would simply make pencil marks on the wall by our backdoor. It was my favourite corner of the house. But then we moved house and leaving those precious little marks behind nearly killed me! This time I wanted something portable just in case. I had some colourful string and some label ties lying around which gave me an idea for something simple.


The make

1. Tack your vertical piece of string to the wall at the top and bottom using picture hanging nails. Knot each end of the string around the head of the nails and trim loose ends. We used a plumb line to make sure the line was straight.

2. Print out a star shaped template from the internet, there are lots of free ones available. Pin the template to the wall at the top of the string and mark holes at each of the stars inner and outer points by gently hammering a nail a little way in.

3. Remove the template and hammer nails in to all of the marked holes.

4. Tie a different coloured piece of string to one of the nails and wind around each subsequent nail following the star shape. Once back at the start tie off the string and trim loose ends

5. Once complete, use the paper label ties to mark each child’s height. Measure with a tape measure and jot down the measurement on the tag. Don’t forget to add name & date/age. You can insert a drawing pin through the hole of the tag to hold them in place.These tags were found at the bottom of a drawer and are quite large, depending on how often you want to mark your child’s height you may want to use smaller tags or different coloured tags to differentiate.

DIY Measuring chart

Attach the star template and mark the points.

DIY measuring chart

Tie the string to the first nail.

DIY measuring chart

Wind the string around the nails

DIY measuring chart

Measuring Big sister.

DIY measuring chart

Of course Bunny had to be measured too.

DIY measuring chart

Record the measurements on label ties.

DIY measuring chart 1

That’s it, a really simple and portable DIY measuring chart that you can take with you if you move house. I quite like its simplicity, it’s not too obtrusive and does the job nicely.


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  • Reply Gem March 4, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    A lovely idea, thank you for sharing. Once my little one learns to stand still long enough to measure her we’ll be giving it a go!! 🙂

    • Reply katemidda March 10, 2015 at 12:11 pm

      Thank you for your comment, I’m so pleased you like it. My youngest would not stand still for long enough either. I resorted to bribery with rice crackers in the end!

  • Reply Jo April 4, 2015 at 7:41 pm

    Sorry, I’m commenting again, but this is the idea I’ve been searching for! You’re now bookmarked! At the top of my list!

    • Reply katemidda April 13, 2015 at 1:42 pm

      Ha Ha thanks Jo, comment as much as you like!

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