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March 2, 2015

One of the first things I built when decorating the kid’s shared room was a long thin display shelf that runs the entire length of one wall. I really wanted to give them a special space to display their favourite toys, and add a focal point to the room. I find that having this small collection of toys constantly on display and easily accessible means that they are really treasured and get played with more often. The kids take pride in them and learn to keep them organised. It keeps the ‘good guys’ from being buried at the bottom of a toy box or down the back of the sofa. A few of our favourites currently sitting on the ‘shelfie shelf ‘ are:

ingela p calendar_box_grandemuji

Ingela P Arrhenius Nesting dolls. Available at Molly Meg

Wooden calendar box. Available at Hedgehog Shop

Muji London in a box.


The build

I used 2 pieces of pine stripwood:

45x2400mm  25x2400mm

a) 12mm x45mm x2400mm                        b) 25mm x25mm x2400mm

1. Position (b) on the wall using a spirit level to ensure the timber is completely level. You will need an extra pair of hands for this.

2. Whilst someone holds the piece firmly against the wall, drill 4 equally spaced pilot holes using a small drill bit.  Make sure you drill right through the timber so that a small hole is made on the wall.

3. Remove the timber and make the pilot holes in the wall larger. Big enough to hammer in a medium sized raw plug. The drill bit should be no bigger than the diameter of the raw plug you are using. You want the raw plug to fit snugly inside the hole.

4. Next glue the two pieces (a) and (b) together to make a right angle using strong wood glue.


5. Once the glue is dry, hammer in four or five long fine nails along the length (a) to secure the two pieces together.

6. Paint with 1 coat white undercoat and 2 coats white quick drying satinwood paint.

7. Fix to the wall with screws and paint over screw heads with white paint.


Happy building!


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