5 Minute Flower Crown

April 24, 2015
5 minute flower crown

I’ve seen so many beautiful flower crowns in magazines and on social media recently and I’ve always wanted to have a go at making one but never found the time to sit down and learn how. This past weekend I was stood in my garden staring up at our Cherry Blossom tree fawning over the lovely, delicate, pink, fluffy clusters and I decided that some of the smaller branches would be perfect for building a quick and easy crown.

The great thing about this project is that you need hardly any materials and it really is super quick so why not have a go.


For your 5 minute flower crown you will need

A long flexible branch (we used a Forsythia branch to add an extra layer of colour)

3 or 4 trimmed blossom branches (choose the ones with lots of clusters on)

Some natural coloured string

The Make

Bend the long branch into a loop around your child’s head so that it sits comfortably over their forehead.

Tie the ends together with string and trim.
5 minute flower crown 2 5 minute flower crown 3
Build up your crown using short sections of the blossom branches. Secure each piece to the headpiece by wrapping string around a number of times and tying off.
5 minute flower crown 4 5 minute flower crown 5
You can either cover half of the headpiece or the whole thing, we did half.
5 minute flower crown 6 5 minute flower crown
It really is that simple, a few snips of the scissors and a couple of knots is all it takes. Definitely no flower arranging skills necessary! This Big Sister was thrilled with the results and said she felt like a real flower fairy.

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