DIY staircase decorating ideas

April 2, 2015
DIY staircase decorating ideas

This week I’ve been scouring the internet for DIY staircase decorating ideas.

After months and months of co-existing with a disgusting mold-green carpet on our stairs and cursing it on a daily basis, I finally decided that I couldn’t spend another minute staring at the dusty old relic, so up it came.

I’ll be honest, I was not at all prepared for how much of a mess this seemingly simple task would make or how much of a state the stairs underneath would be in. If I’d thought this through more carefully beforehand I probably wouldn’t have even attempted it but my general rule to DIY is “don’t think – just do!”

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that in about 3 months our house will become a building site when we embark on our rear ground floor and loft extensions. Why, you might ask would I go to the trouble of refurbishing a staircase when it will be completely submerged in builders dust and grime in a few months anyway? My answer to this, “there are just some things that I can’t leave alone” and it drives my husband crazy!

So here we are about 3 weeks later, after hours of meticulous refurbishing. Pulling out old staples and nails, filing, sanding, undercoating etc. We have a beautiful painted staircase with bare wooden treads but no carpet and we’d be crazy to fork out money for a new one that’s just going to get ruined in the not too distant future. So hence I started my search for some interesting and inexpensive DIY staircase decorating ideas that could see us through the next few months.

Here are a few of my favourites, I’d love to know what you think. Next week I will post some photos of the transformation (if I’m not in a chocolate coma.)

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Ombre Painted stairs

I love these ombre stairs by realsimple they are an artwork in themselves but I’m sure I don’t have the time or patience to attempt something on this scale.

DIY staircase decorating ideas

Exposed timber runner

There’s something so charming about the raw stripped back feel of this exposed timber runner featured in lookslikewhite. This is basically what our stairs look like at the moment and the longer I live with them the more I’m starting to like this unfinished look.

DIY staircase decorating ideas 2

Grey painted stairs

This muted staircase featured in Selina Lake’s book Pretty Pastel Style is really brought to life by the fresh pop of mint on the handrails. Not sure my husband would let me do this but it looks pretty.

DIY staircase decorating ideas

Orange runner

Such a bold statement but I love it! I’m partly drawn to this idea because I know its only a temporary solution. Whether I could live with this amount of Orange in my life long term is another matter. Image via brightbazaar

DIY staircase decorating ideas

White painted stairs

Give me white wood any day of the week but something screams no no no, not on stairs, they would get so grubby! The ones in this Norwegian wood panelled home featured in the guardian are perfectly pristine though.

DIY stair decorating ideas

Painted stripe stair runner

This beautiful grain sack effect painted runner by Andrea from faded plains is simple and fresh. Unfortunately I don’t think it would look quite as nice on my bumpy old stairs.

DIY staircase decorating ideas

DIY stair runner

I love the idea of creating a homemade stair runner out of lots of smaller rugs. How gorgeous are these by Swedish brand Brita sweden.

DIY staircase decorating ideas

Top feature image ‘Pantone Stairs’ via bloesem

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  • Reply Laura September 21, 2015 at 11:16 am

    Wow some fab ideas, think my fave is the painted stripe, am tempted to give it a go on our staircase at home, thanks for sharing! x

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