Sewing with Kids: Lavender bags

August 26, 2015
Sewing with Kids: Lavender Bags

A good friend of ours recently left the country and very kindly gave us her stash of beautiful, fabric remnants. Ever since then the kids have been begging me to teach them to sew. After watching them the other day, pulling apart a bunch of Lavender to make “pixie dust” I decided that Lavender bags would be a fun and easy first project for them.


The Make

You will need: Fabric scraps, tissue, thread, large needles, ribbon/string, Lavender

To begin:

Pick off the Lavender seeds into a bowl. (This is the really easy part and leaves little fingers & the house smelling delicious!)Sewing with Kids: Lavender BagsCut a rectangle of fabric, any size depending on how large you want the bags to be. Ours measured about 30cm long by 15cm wide.Sewing with Kids: Lavender BagsFold the length of the rectangle in half so that the folded edge creates the bottom of the bag (this edge does not require sewing). Now pin the 2 sides together, leaving the top edge open.

Now sew!

This part requires some patience on their part but with a bit of encouragement they managed it and were really proud of their achievements. You will need to knot the end of the thread for them but let them try and thread the needle themselves. Its a great exercise in fine motor control and requires focus, sitting still and gentle precision (something that my lively little ones could use more of.)

Use a simple running stitch along each side of the bag. Finish each end with a few knots. Remember to leave the top edge open.Sewing with Kids: Lavender BagsOnce the edges are sewn together, remove the pins and turn the bags inside out so that the seams are on the inside.Sewing with Kids: Lavender BagsNext, line the bags with a single sheet of tissue. This will prevent any Lavender from escaping through the gaps in the stitching. You can use netting or muslin but we only had tissue to hand and it worked quite well. Spoon in the lavender seeds and tie off with ribbon or string. We also decorated ours with some pretty wooden stars.Sewing with Kids: Lavender BagsLook how proud they are with their work.Sewing with Kids: Lavender BagsI remember my Grandma making these for me when I was little. I used to keep them in my sock drawer and thats exactly what the kids have done with theirs.Sewing with Kids: Lavender Bags

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