Easter bonnet

March 19, 2016
Easter Bonnet

For this years Easter bonnet we combined two of our all time favourites from our craft cupboard, watercolour paints and feathers.

I came up with this design a few weeks back after an afternoon spent teaching the kids some basic watercolour techniques. The results were so pretty I knew we had to use them on our Easter bonnet. It’s easy to make, no weird and wonderful materials here and what’s more the kids can help out with the really fun painting part.


The Make

You will need

Watercolour paper (we used 200gsm but anything not too flimsy is fine)

Artists Watercolour paints (kids poster paints can be used although not as effective)

Paintbrushes & water pot (jam jars are perfect)

Paint Palette


Tape Measure

Medium weight card for headband

Feathers- assorted sizes (we used plain white ones from a craft store but feathers collected from outside would also work)

Decorative ribbon

Egg shape to draw around (we used the bottom of a vase)

Double sided sticky tape

Masking Tape

Super glue


Easter BonnetTo create the watercolour easter eggs, take a sheet of watercolour paper and dampen with water using a wide brush or sponge. Don’t soak the paper too much or you will find it will bubble up when it dries. If you are worried about this, tape the paper down onto a board or the table with masking tape around each edge. Next create some colour washes by mixing your watercolours with a little water in the palette or dishes. Now it’s the kids turn to have a bit of fun. Let them go wild, encourage them to use different colours and brush strokes. Splodge, splatter, dribble, smear, tilt the paper to allow the colours to run and blend, anything goes. We used quite diluted paint washes to give a pastel effect but you can create more vibrant, bold designs by adding less water to your paint solutions.

Easter Bonnet Find a suitably sized egg shape template to draw around. We used the base of a vase. Next cut out the eggs.

Easter Bonnet 3Measure your child’s head circumference with a tape measure, then cut a strip of card to this length plus an extra few inches either end to overlap and fasten together. Starting a little way in from each end, work towards the centre, arranging the eggs so that they lay centred along the strip, overlapping slightly with the middle egg uppermost. When you are happy with the layout, attach the eggs using double sided sticky tape. (Handy tip: I found that after bending the card into a circle to create the crown, some of the eggs started to become unstuck. To remedy this I went back and placed a few dots of superglue between the edges of each egg and the card.)

Easter BonnetTo decorate our feathers we painted the tips.

Easter Bonnet 5We chose a few different colours to match the eggs.

Easter BonnetAttach the feathers to the back of the card using small strips of double sided sticky tape.

Easter BonnetNext tape them down firmly with a few long strips of masking tape.

Easter BonnetAfter deciding that the white feathers looked a little too plain I added a few smaller painted feathers to the front. These were made by trimming down some of the larger feathers and painting all over.

Easter BonnetNext lay the ribbon flat, running across the middle of the eggs and stick in place with a small strip of double sided sticky tape at the edges of each of the outer eggs.

Easter BonnetBend the headpiece around your child’s head and adjust the overlap until it sits comfortably above the ears. Remove the headpiece taking care to keep it the same size and fasten with a coupled of staples in the centre of the overlap. Lastly tie the ends of the ribbon in a double knot at the back.Easter Bonneteaster bonnet 12
We love how this turned out & she’s so excited to wear it to her school easter bonnet parade. Also if you have any left over watercolour eggs stick them onto a piece of plain white card for a beautifully simple easter greetings card.

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